AKKERMANN сement: leading cement manufacturer for Russian and Kazakhstan markets

Company profile

Founded in 2002, AKKERMANN CEMENT (before 2020 also known as the South Ural Mining and Processing Company) is one of the largest cement producers in Russia. 

Today our brand unites the following business lines:

  • AKKERMANN CEMENT the cement producers’ group, which consolidates Russian cement plants with long and impressive histories
    • Novotroitsk city cement plant (located in the Orenburg region), with an annual production volume of about 2.3 mln. tons
    • Gornozavodsk city cement plant (located in the Perm region), with an annual production volume of about 2 mln. tons
    • Both of these plants have their own local raw materials facilities
    • And 12 modern cement terminals located at Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Moscow, Orenburg, Perm, Samara, Tumen and Ufa.
  • AKKERMANN METAL – production of metal-containing materials, crushed slag and secondary fireproof materials at Novotroitsk city facilities
  • AKKERMANN LIME – production of limestone materials at Gornozavodsk city.

Our strategy


To be a construction industry leader in innovations, creating new business value for clients, partners, stakeholders and employees.


Our strategy is to develop AKKERMANN CEMENT to be one of the construction industry leaders by realizing the following key principles in our business:

  • To ensure high and stable product quality
  • To ensure effective production cost management
  • To ensure the continuous development of technological competences and the best deployment of innovations in Client Services and personnel development
  • To develop win-win cooperation with our Clients and Partners based on a deep understanding of their businesses and their product specifications
  • To cultivate Client-oriented DNA as a core company value
  • To be the best in providing Client service provision – including Technology support, logistics and commercial services
  • To be a responsible corporation that complies with ethical standards for our local facilities, providing value to both the region’s people and authorities
  • To be a place where talented employees can fully realize their potential
  • To be the best employer in the regions in which we operate

Our product lines

Details about our product lines can be found here (in Russian language)

We produce and deliver

  • Cement product line
    • Delivered as
      • Bulk cement in railway carriages
      • Big bags of cement in cement trucks
      • Compact bags of cement in cargo trucks
  • Metal-containing products
    • We have solid expertise in the processing and disposal of metallurgical
      by-products and waste.
    • We produce metal-containing materials, crushed slag and secondary fireproof materials which can be re-used within the metallurgical industry
  • Limestone products
    • Limestone flour and mineral powder for the production of animal compound feed, agricultural fertilizers and also serving as a construction materials ingredient.

Our services

Technology support: providing help for Clients from experts in the concrete and cement production industry

We provide our Clients with a wide range of services from our experienced concrete and cement production experts, working with in our Technology support unit. With their deep knowledge of concrete and cement production and implementation specifications, they assist in helping Clients to produce specific products that they need in order to optimize the Clients’ mix design, and therefore minimize costs and maximize quality allowing the Clients to jointly investigate new products behaviour. Comprehensive Technology support provides additional value for our Clients, and to uphold our company value of providing the best Clients service provisions.

Our Labs and research facilities: 360-degree testing

Our experts use our own Concrete Lab, equipped with up-to-date equipment which is needed for effective concrete and cement research and testing (including joint ones with our Clients). Our Lab allows us to test a wide range of concrete and its ingredients’ characteristics, in particular: concrete strength, frost resistance, waterproofness to name a few.

‘AKKERMANN Concrete’ software: providing scores for concrete composition tuning

We provide specific localized software product for our Clients, which support concrete production management. It has established a successful track record throughout Europe and allows  our Clients to save up to 15% on their product costs (proven by our local Clients’).

In particular, ‘AKKERMANN Concrete’ provides:

  • optimization of concrete composition
  • on-line expert consulting
  • anonymous competitive comparison reports
  • one-click statistical reports for various production data
  • aggregates materials
  • raw materials database access
  • and other functions.

Logistic services: taking a load off our Clients’ shoulders

Our own logistical services provide cement delivery to Clients in any location within Russia and Kazakhstan by utilising our own fleet of cement trucks, partner transport companies and railways (including the usage of our own railway carriages). 

Annual cement delivery volume is about 4 mln. tons.

We provide time management services and a cargo monitoring service during delivery to Clients’ facilities.

Ethics and compliance

To be fully compliant with legal regulations and to run our business ethically is one of the highest Company priorities.

In particular, one of our core rules is a zero tolerance policy for any kind of corruption or conflict of business interests, and our company has a comprehensive legal risk management system in place.

Every employee is officially committed to obey the following key Company policies:

  • The company Corporate code, which sets up our main corporate values and internal rules of behaviour and business conversation
  • Anti-corruption Policy, which sets up our main rules for ensuring compliance with state anti-corruption law as well as internal corruption risk prevention rules
  • Conflict of interest prevention policy, which mitigates risks of conflict of interests.

Ethics and compliance feedback hotline

Any feedback regarding ethics and compliance violation can be reported through the following main email address:



Sales department hotline

8 (800) 550 56 02

AKKERMANN Cement — Moscow

8 (800) 550-56-02

AKKERMANN Cement — Novotroitsk (Orenburg region)

General director’s office

+7 (3537) 77-91-11
+7 (3537) 77-91-12


Mailing address
462360, Russia, Orenburg region, Novotroitsk city, ulitca Zapad, 5.4 км, zdanie № 5.

AKKERMANN Cement — Gornozavodsk (Perm region)

General director office

+7 (34269) 4-11-33


Mailing address
618820, Russia, Perm region, Gornozavodsk city, LLC “Gornozavodskcement”